When do you file an Improvement Application?

An application form must be submitted for any construction, addition, or change to the exterior of your building or grounds.  Approval from the Belle Meade Home Owners Association is required for, but not limited to:  exterior color change, deck (new or addition), wood swing set, wood playhouse, trampoline, fence, landscaping, screened-in porch, full-view screen door.  If in doubt about your particular project, contact a Board Member.

What is the object of the form?

The object of requiring a Homeowner to file an improvement application with the Board is twofold:

1.) To insure that your planned improvement conforms to the Associations Declaration, enhances the beauty of the community, maintains the architectural harmony of the community and in no way inconveniences your fellow homeowners.

2.) To enable the Association to determine what information and assistance it can give in order to expedite completion of your planned improvement.


A scale drawing of all improvements must be submitted and attached to the application to show the exact location and dimensions. You can attach the document to this form or you can deliver it to a Board member.

(1MB size limit. File formats accepted DOC, DOCX, PDF, TXT)

I will deliver my drawings/plans.


By submitting this form .... I understand the rules concerning the proposed improvement. This improvement in no way encroaches on neighbor’s limited common area or common ground. I agree to abide by the rules established by the Association and will be solely liable for any up keep required by the construction of the improvement.

The final decision made on this application may require that the responsibilities of the property owner for upkeep and/or maintenance of this addition or improvement be made a public record. This application is submitted for consideration with the understanding that if the board of Trustees requires such a public notification and record, the applicant will be responsible for all attorney and recording costs incurred.

I understand that the improvement, if approved, must be started within one (1) year from the approval date. Furthermore, I understand that once construction has begun for the proposed improvement, it must be fully completed in sixty (60) calendar days.

I further agree to obtain all licenses and/or building /zoning permits to meet all legal requirements for building codes.