1. Swingsets and other yard equipment are allowed, however, they must be maintained, and only if standing on the street, directly in line with the front door as seen from across the street, the swingset is not visible. Ideally, the Board prefers placement by the tree line in the back of the yard. In addition, only wooden swingsets are permitted.

2. Basketball goals are acceptable, as long as the placement of such does not extend past the front set back line of the lot. Not to be mounted on the house; must be free standing pole; clear backboard preferred.

3. Decks shall be contained within the rear bounds of the house, and should not extend into the side yard.

4. No perimeter fence may be installed on any lot unless it is of the split rail type and first approved by the Board of Trustees. Please see Article V, Section 2.9 of the Declaration.

5. Any change in exterior color must first be approved by the Board of Trustees.

6. The maintenance, keeping, boarding or raising animals, livestock, or poultry of any kind, regardless of number, shall be and is hereby prohibited on any lot or within any dwelling situated upon the property, except that this shall not prohibit the keeping of dogs, cats, and caged birds as domestic pets provided they are not kept, bred or maintained for commercial purposes, and provided they are kept according to the rules and regulations of the Association.

7. No burning of trash and no accumulation or storage of litter, new or used building materials, or trash of any kind shall be permitted on the property.

8. Except as herein elsewhere provided, no commercial vehicle, trailer, truck, motorcycle, camper, camp truck, house trailer, boat or the like shall be kept or used upon the property other than being totally enclosed within the living unit or garage, so as not to be visible from the exterior thereof. No junk vehicle, inoperative or unlicensed motor vehicle, structure of temporary character, mobile home, tent, shack, barn, or other outbuilding, shall be kept or used upon the property, not (except for bona fide emergencies) shall the major repair or extraordinary maintenance of automobiles or other vehicles be carried out thereon.

9. Trash and garbage containers shall not be permitted to remain in the public view except on days of trash collection.

10. No signs of any character shall be erected, posted, or displayed upon any lot, excepting street and identification signs installed by the Association or the Developer and excepting one (1) temporary real estate sign not to exceed six (6) square feet in area erected upon any lot advertising same upon the market for sale or rent.

11. No structure, planting or other material other than driveway or sidewalks shall be placed or permitted to remain upon any lot which may have damage or interfere with any easement for the installation or maintenance of utilities, or which may change, obstruct or retard direction of flow of any drainage channels.

12. No outside television or radio aerial or antenna, or other aerial or antenna, including satellite receiving dishes, for reception or transmission, shall be maintained on any lot.

13. No vegetable garden shall be larger than 12’ x 15’, and must be maintained so as not to be unsightly. No Homeowner shall be allowed to store more than two cords of firewood on any lot. Said wood must be neatly stacked and free of unsightly debris.

14. No above ground pool shall be permitted on any lot. In ground pools shall be permitted provided they have first be approved by the Board of Trustees. (NOTE: all county codes and rules must be complied with by the Homeowner installing the improvement.)

15. No tennis court shall be permitted on any lot.

16. Mailboxes shall be galvanized steel rural mailboxes, 6 ¾”w x 19” 1 x 8 ¾” h, mounted on a 4 x 4 cedar sawn post. Porter Paint #17920-1 Gray Shell, color.

17. No clothes lines are permitted.

18. All exterior lighting must be approved by the Board of Trustees.

19. Storm doors must be full view and have prior Board approval.